November 11, 2014 PHILADELPHIA—Telling reporters that he is deeply concerned about the dulling of his wine tasting skills, 32-year-old... more
November 11, 2014 BUTTE, MT—Following a very relaxing night of sleep, 13 year-old Ahote Smith, woke to find his dreamcatcher unusually... more
November 11, 2014 BROOKLYN, NY—After receiving a Facebook notification for the birthday an estranged high school colleague last week,... more
November 11, 2014 LOS ANGELES—Vehemently refusing to abandon her virginal state at all earthly costs, scientologist Tomantha Cranshaw... more
November 11, 2014 CLEVELAND—On Wednesday morning, members of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team collectively decided to watch... more
November 11, 2014 ATASCOCITA, TX—Despite plentiful gifts and being surrounded by family, it had become clear that Ben and Mallory Garza,... more
November 11, 2014 DAMASCUS—Standing next to the dirt and debris of what used to be his home, Yusuf Habibi smugly gestured toward the trap... more
November 11, 2014 NORFOLK, VA—In the depths of your toilet, the neighborhood plumber has found your problem right there. “Most of the... more
November 11, 2014 DALLAS—A multinational task force of European political astronomers released a report on Friday stating that despite... more
November 11, 2014 NY, NY- RIP POS BJ bc of LSD, a DEA-controlled drug. OMG! BOFH BNDN. SOB S.P.G. said, "WTF? ASAMOF, BJ asked for more... more


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