September 9, 2015 BUDA, TX – Eighteen-year-old ACC student Brandi-Lynn Wilks recently admitted that her 90-minute commute to class is... more
September 9, 2015 Austin, TX – In an attempt to add some much needed excitement to his life, local man Arthur Grundell was seen counting... more
September 9, 2015 by Delilah Hey there. It’s me. Oh, I think you know exactly who I am. We’re sort of on what you might call a “first... more
September 9, 2015 MADISON, WI – In an attempt to recover from a report that ranked him in the bottom 34% of his connections, sources... more
September 9, 2015 HOUSTON, TX – Sneering through its crust-blocked spout, the Davidson's six-month old milk was overheard saying it can... more
September 9, 2015 AUSTIN – Following a recent research sponsorship, several UT students have filed reports against Professor Ken Quartz... more
September 9, 2015 PAWTUCKET, RI – Area self-proclaimed rapper Brussel Shouts found a mysterious hair in his purple lean last night at... more
September 9, 2015 Point: I brought a bottle of wine to this church book club because Jesus drank wine Gals, you know how much I love... more
September 9, 2015 INDIANAPOLIS, IN — After witnessing divine visions of the second coming of messiah and former carpenter Jesus Christ,... more
September 9, 2015 BLOOMINGTON, IL -- In case you don’t have plans for the rest of the day, area dad thinking about going to Best Buy, if... more


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