February 2, 2015 CEDAR PARK — Trapped in the daily routine of housekeeping and raising three children, local mom Sharon Giles’ only... more
February 2, 2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL — Noting that conventional wisdom has always considered nuts to be like all other fruits in the sense... more
February 2, 2015 BIMIDJI, MN — After an offhand, relatively inoffensive joke made by a close friend, local neurotic David Finkelstein... more
February 2, 2015 DUSTBOWL, OK — Following an aggressive 170 MPH pursuit up Interstate 40, storm chaser Chase Storms was ultimately hit... more
February 2, 2015 DENTON — Sending suspicion rippling through the extended family, Grandma’s “special friend” Thelma has now officially... more
February 2, 2015 WASHINGTON D.C. — While enjoying a much-deserved girls’ night out at L.A.’s hottest new club with all of your... more
February 2, 2015 COLLEGE STATION, TX — After months of overpriced lunches, unnecessary clothing, and other questionable purchases, Texas... more
February 2, 2015 Point: I like vanilla and chocolate just the same. So, I guess you wanna hear a truth bomb. Maybe you wanna get down to... more
February 2, 2015 DALLAS, TX — Overwhelmed by a sudden rush of nostalgia after a routine fistbump last week, area bro Chak Matthews... more
February 2, 2015 DULUTH, MN — This Friday night after completing a large frozen lasagna dinner by himself, area man Dukie Campbell... more


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