The Fat, Blunt Issue

November 2015
The Template Issue

October 2015
The Supermoon Issue

March 2015
The Pot O'Gold Issue

February 2015The Ad-Free Issue
December 2014The Technicolor Issue
November 2014
The Goosebumps Issue

October 2014
The Synergy Issue

April 2014
The Third Rail Issue

March 2014
The Censored Issue

February 2014
The Pre-Post-Feminist Issue

November 2013
The Heather Athletic Blue Issue

October 2013
The Papi Issue

September 2013
The Current Issue

April 2013
The Daddy Issue

March 2013
The Rice Rice Rice Issue

April 2012
The Con Queso Issue

March 2012
The Josue Issue

February 2012

December 2011

The Los Angeles Issue

November 2011
The Hypoallergenic Issue

October 2011
The Untitled Issue

Best Of 2010-2011
The Personal Best Issue

April 2011
The Apocalypse Issue

March 2011
The Neon Issue

February 2011
The Nostalgiating Issue

November 2010
The Rap Star Issue

October 2010
The Tea Party Issue

September 2010
The Deep Dish Issue

August 2010
Freshman Guide

Best of 2009-2010
The Issue's Issue

April 2010
The Jobless Issue

March 2010
The Party Issue

February 2010
The Education Issue

November 2009
The Lakehouse Issue

October 2009
The Kids' Issue

September 2009
The Infected Issue

August 2009
Freshman Guide

Best of 2008-2009
The Rerun Issue

April 2009
The Half-Serious Issue

March 2009
The Daddy Issue

February 2009
The Adorable Issue

November 2008
The Estrada Issue

October 2008
The Hot Button Issue

September 2008
The Photoshop Issue

Best of 2007-2008
The Internship Issue

April 2008
The Brownie Time Issue

March 2008
The Burning Bridges Issue

February 2008
The Political Issue

December 2007
The Interracial Issue

October 2007
The Gilded Age Issue

September 2007
The Yom Kippur Issue

Best of 2006-2007
The Best Of Issue

April 2007
The Barbeque Issue

March 2007
The Sellout Issue

February 2007
The Power Ballad Issue

November 2006
The Chain Smoking Issue

October 2006
The Mineral Water Issue

Best Of 2005-2006
The Masturbation Issue

April 2006
The Broken Promises Issue

March 2006
The Lackadaisical Issue

February 2006
The Ubuntu Issue

November 2005
The Fallacious Issue

October 2005
The Pat Robertson Issue

September 2005
The Poorly Kerned Issue

April 2005
The Embarrassing Issue

March 2005
The Postmodern Issue

February 2005
The Wheat Germ Issue

November 2004
The Anachronistic Issue

October 2004
The Election Issue

September 2004
The French Issue


The Texas Travesty is a student humor publication at the University of Texas at Austin, published monthly by the permanent and contributing staff. The Travesty is a work of (hopefully) humorous fiction. Except where public figures are involved, characters are not based on any real person. Any resemblence to any persons living or dead is coincidental. The views expressed in the Travesty do not reflect the views of Texas Student Media, The University of Texas at Austin, or pretty much anyone. All material printed is property of the Travesty. The Texas Travesty is not intended for readers under 18 years of age, regardless of the pretty pictures.



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